亚虎pt手机客户端下载 and Coalition Partners Unveil the Largest Economic Study of Its Kind in the State

亚虎pt手机客户端下载 and Coalition Partners Unveil the Largest Economic Study of Its Kind in the State

的 new report showcases how Oregon is winning nationally in the Athletic, 户外, 团队与康乐生态系统.

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亚虎pt手机客户端下载, in partnership with a coalition of regional and statewide business associations, 很高兴的宣布发布 《亚虎pt下载客户端》 a new economic study that highlights Oregon’s competitive advantage and the economic power that the Athletic, 户外, 团队和娱乐生态系统为国家产生.

“This is the first time we’re able to quantify something we’ve all felt to be true: Oregon is the definitive business leader and a regional economic force in the Athletic, 户外, 团队及康乐业,Andrew Hoan说, 亚虎pt手机客户端下载总裁兼首席执行官. “It’s inspiring to get a deeper look at the Ecosystem and our distinguishing characteristics, like exceptional industry-trained talent and education programs, 支持和允许这些产业的发展, 成长, 这里茁壮成长.”

“过去30年, Greater Portland market has been the top choice for apparel and outdoor companies serious about 成长th and innovation,莫尼克·克莱本说, 总裁兼首席执行官 大波特兰公司. “If we want to continue to be on top, we must invest in this Ecosystem. This report shows us what we have to gain: more jobs and dollars for our local economies. I look forward to working with both public and 私人 sector leaders to create more opportunities for this industry.”

Conducted by the world-renowned industry-leading real estate and economic development consulting firm HR&一个顾问, 俄勒冈州:体育之州 economic report marks the most robust analysis to date of 俄勒冈州的运动, 户外, 团队与康乐生态系统—defined as including sports and apparel companies as well as internationally known professional sport franchises, sporting-related事件, 康乐及旅游活动. 这项研究调查了大波特兰地区, 弯曲, and Eugene’s unique environment for sports innovation and 成长th.

“We were thrilled to collaborate with the 亚虎pt手机客户端下载 and a wide array of regional stakeholders to develop the ‘Oregon: 的 State of Sport’ report,凯特·科利尼翁说, 人力资源管理合伙人&一个顾问. “HR&A的综合经济分析, 加上广泛的涉众输入, 肯定了体育运动的巨大影响力, 户外, 团队, 以及大波特兰和俄勒冈州的娱乐产业. State and regional partners have a distinct opportunity to leverage a unique value proposition to attract and sustain world-class talent within this booming hub of activity.”

  • 俄勒冈州有51人,000个工作岗位和3个,在Athletic有100家企业, 户外, 研究区域标识的团队和休闲生态系统. 
  • 生态系统中的每一项工作,额外增加一项.经济中创造了55个工作岗位, 配套共130台,000个工作岗位, 占大波特兰9%的工作岗位. 
  • 的 Ecosystem supports $29 billion per year in economic output, 包括直接和附带的经济影响.
  • 俄勒冈州的运动, 户外, 团队与康乐生态系统 supports entrepreneurs and small businesses: 83% of related businesses in the Greater Portland area have 20 employees or less. 
  • 的 Greater Portland area outpaces other West Coast cities (Seattle, 丹佛(Denver)和盐湖城(Salt Lake City)的就业岗位数量有所上升, job 成长th and the diversity of roles—many of which are high-paying and high-skilled. 
  • 俄勒冈竞技队最有价值的资产, 户外, 团队及康乐业 is unparalleled industry-trained talent—the ability to import top talent, recruit local talent thanks to the healthy ecosystem of sport, and cultivate a strong pipeline of talent from established programs and education. 

当我们想到一个健康的, 繁荣的, and competitive Oregon that improves lives today and into the future, 俄勒冈州的运动, 户外, 团队与康乐生态系统 is unquestionably a part of the story,安吉拉·威廉姆斯说, 总统 & 的首席执行官 俄勒冈州的业务 & 行业. “的 contributions companies small and large in this Ecosystem have made are extraordinary, and we must continue to leverage this strength and use findings from this study to propel our entire state forward.”

“的re’s never been a more exciting or important time to celebrate the business of sport and recreation of all kinds across Oregon. This study further affirms our efforts to support existing sports teams—both professional and college—and to attract new teams, 事件, and businesses that add economic value and jobs to our region and the state. Ultimately these efforts will result in a greater quality of life for Oregonians and tourists,吉姆·埃策尔补充道, 首席执行官 俄勒冈州的运动

《亚虎pt下载客户端》 economic report will be unveiled today at the 亚虎pt手机客户端下载’s Annual Meeting, 提出的 U.S. 银行, which is committed to investing in the future of our communities.

“对俄勒冈州来说,这是令人兴奋的时刻. We see legacy industries continue to thrive and emerging industries gaining a strong foothold across the region. Our state has long been the birthplace of many companies in the Athletic, 户外, 团队及康乐界别, 成长ing their own and drawing creative talent from around the world to build and expand the segment,斯泰西·多德森说, 美国俄勒冈州和西南华盛顿市场主管.S. 银行. “像这样的产业可以创造就业机会, 支持我们至关重要的小企业社区, and attract those who have a passion for the Oregon lifestyle.”

报告全文可在以下网站查阅 OregonStateofSport.com. We encourage you to review and celebrate the findings by using the hashtag # ORStateofSport.


亚虎pt下载客户端亚虎pt手机客户端下载.亚虎pt手机客户端下载 – Greater Portland's Chamber of Commerce – was founded in 1870 and represents the largest, 该地区最多样化的商业网络. 联盟汇集了超过2个,100 members re提出的 dynamic and varied employers from around the Portland region, 并提供强有力的支持, 信息, 宣传, 参与和职业发展机会. Grounded in its mission to create opportunity and advance well-being for all who live and work in the Greater Portland and SW Washington region, Alliance envisions a healthy and resilient business ecosystem where we work together to increase collaboration in governance; engage community; increase civic leadership; and, 倡导一个充满活力的, 适合所有人居住的地区. 

亚虎pt下载客户端人力资源&一个顾问. HR&一个顾问公司. (HR&A)是一家为公众提供建议的员工所有的公司, 私人, 非营利性的, and philanthropic clients on how to increase opportunity and advance quality of life in cities. 我们相信创造重要的地方, 建设更公平、更有复原力的社区, 改善人民生活.